Stencil Introduction – Bigcommerce Tutorial :)

Introducing stencil Bigcommerce’s new storefront development platform for creating beautiful and intuitive ecommerce websites that engage shoppers so why the new framework we created stencil to enable merchants and developers to create dynamic and powerful storefronts that will change the way customers experience a bit commerce hosted online store.

Our new approach has many benefits for developers and includes support for local development conditional logic within templates language files modern front-end development technologies such as handlebars, sass, responsive grid system, javascript es6 and the ability to incorporate NPM packages through web pack, rapid theme preview using browser sync allows you to view changes to your theme across multiple devices using a live stores assets.

Stencil uses well-known non proprietary languages tools and libraries saving time and allowing developers to work with languages they know and love stencil also supports the installation of custom libraries for merchants.

All marketplace themes come with multiple styles allowing store owners to easily change up the look of their storefront additional customizations can easily be made without the need for coding by using the robust theme editor.

For more advanced users customizations can also be made with the edit game files feature we’re using the stencil CLI we’ll cover each of these more extensively in later posts. Mobile optimized responsive designs ensure a smooth shopping experience no matter what device customers are using stencil also supports advanced conversion tools like product filtering, one-page checkout and Apple pay.

Marketplace themes are optimised for many verticals and catalog sizes merchants can easily find a theme targeted to their business we’ll take a more in-depth look at stencil in the rest of this blogs series starting with how stencil works within a Bigcommerce tours control panel you or contact us now if you need help with getting started with stencil.

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A shri krishna dasa devotee, follower of Shrimad Bhagavad gita, Shrimad Bhagavatam and a member of Iskcon Bhopal.

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